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    Biz PAY

    Reliable, Accurate, Flexible, Integratable and Effective Solution with User Friendly Graphical Interfaces. "BizPay" Payroll in Srilanka.

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    "BizPay" is very reliable and easy to use solution which will calculate salaries, wages, allowances and deductions and give all relevant reports. It will save weeks of time, effort and money while minimizing the risk of practical mistakes.




    • Multiple Companies
    • Employee Information
      1. Personal,Professional
    • Categorized by Department, Class, Designation, Employee Type, Job Type
    • Basic Salary - Monthly, Custom Defined
    • Allowances, Deductions - Fixed, Variable
    • Staff Loan Maintenance and Repayments
    • Auto Calculations - OT, EPF, ETF, PAYE, Stamp Duty
    • E-Transfers (Online Transfers)- Bank Transfer (SLIPS), EPF, ETF Six month
    • Users and Permissions
    • Multi User Access
      1. Permission by User
      2. User Access Zones
    • Increments & Deductions
    • Nopay, Late, Salary Advances
    • Backing up and Restoring facilities


    • Salary Sheet, Pay Slip
    • Payroll Summary (Standard, by Department, by Class, by Job Type)
    • Coinage (Summary, Detail)
    • Salary Advances, Overtime, Nopay, Late Deduction, Salary Detail by Employee
    • Active, Inactive, Terminated employees, Birthday List, Gratuity
    • Allowance, Fixed Allowance, Deduction, Fixed Deduction, Salary Increment
    • Signature Sheet, Bank Transfer
    • Loan summary, Loan Balance, Loan Detail by Employee, Loan Settled
    • C Form, R4 Form, Form C3 Return, Form II Return, PAYE Tax, T-9A, T-10, Stamp Duty
    • Many more Reports by Report Customization

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